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Oligodermie - Extreme Softness Toning Lotion
Our Price: $25.00

An excellent toning lotion that contains all natural "anti-irritant" ingredients to calm the complexion. Use sparingly on a cotton pad and gently wipe the skin after cleansing.  7 oz.

Oligodermie - Soothing Lotion (Toner)
Our Price: $29.00

For normal, dry and sensitive skin.  The perfect toner from Oligodermie contains no alcohol and is made of plant extracts.  It also serves as an emollient on the skin.  Use after cleansing AM and PM.  Ingredients:  Chamomile, Parsley, Balm Mint, Hops, Sage, Allantoin.  6.7 oz. 
Oligodermie - Normalizing Cleansing Milk
Our Price: $30.00

For normal, dry and sensitive skin.  This gentle cleansing milk from Oligodermie can be used as a protective day treatment for dry skin, as it restores and reinforces the skin's natural protection (hydro-lipidic film).  It can also be used by all skin types as extra protection during winter and water sports.  Delightful light texture.  6.7 oz.
Oligodermie - Foaming Cleanser
Our Price: $30.00

Apply Oligodermie's Foaming Cleanser to wet skin, and it effectively cleanses without irritating the epidermis.  For combination skin, use in evening only.  For oily skin, use in the morning and evening.  6.7 oz.
Oligodermie - Extreme Softness Cleansing Milk
Our Price: $30.00

A calming and gentle cleanser formulated for the most fragile skins. It contains all soothing botanical ingredients to gently remove all traces of make-up and impurities. Use gently all over face and neck, and remove with damp, cool sponge or cotton pad.  7 oz.

Oligodermie - Gentle Peeling Cream
Our Price: $35.00

For all skin types.  This gentle peeling cream from Oligodermie utilizes micro particles to help lift out dead cells and deep impurities without irritating.  Also increases blood circulation and boosts cell renewal.  Contains natural moisturizing factors.  Should be used once a week by clients with dull and yellowish skin, for smokers, and those with pigmentation problems.  1.7 oz.
Oligodermie - Nourishing Mask
Our Price: $35.00

This nourishing mask from Oligodermie calms, nourishes and balances dry sensitive skin.  Skin will glow and feel supple after use.  May be used as often as necessary.  1.7 oz.
Oligodermie - Purifying Cream
Our Price: $45.00

For oily skin.  This purifying cream from Oligodermie is non-greasy, and specifically formulated with plant extracts (orris root, white nettle).  Restores pH balance, tightens enlarged pores, purifies and regulates the sebaceous functions of the skin.  AM and PM use.        (1.7 oz.) 
Oligodermie - Protective Emulsion (Dry Skin)
Our Price: $45.00

Protective emulsion is an essential daily use product for skins lacking in oil.  In order to prevent dehydration the the protective emulsion leaves a light film on the skin to reinforce the skins natural action (hydro-lipidic film).  Applied each morning its texture gives an immediate feeling of comfort. (1.7 fl.oz.)
Oligodermie - Day Repair Fluid (Normal Skin)
Our Price: $45.00

A light fine textured fluid containing powerful anti-aging ingredients which rejuvenate and promote re-hydration of the skin. It contains U.V.A. and U.V.B. sunscreens that protect skin all day long from harmful rays. Use every morning after a deep cleansing of the skin. Can be used on all skin types.  (1.7 oz.)